RID Insect Repellent - Workforce Strength

RID Insect Repellent - Workforce Strength Aerosol


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Size: 150g

Repels mosquitoes (6 hours), flies, ticks, sandflies, biting midge and other biting insects.

New extra strong can designed to meet tough environments. Include Workforce Repellent in your PPE gear!

Increased can strength with Epon lining makes this can industrial tough with higher durability, reducing the risk of puncture or can failure.

5 years shelf life with the increased can strength provides 2 times the benefit for longer lasting usage to the last spray.

Qulified and proven to effectively repel mosquitoes, flies, sandflies, leeches and biting midge in a variety of environments.

Contains 19.5% DEET which actively repels biting insects and proven for 6 hours protection.

Includes antiseptic to assist in preventing infection and inflammation.

Aussie Owned & Made since 1956.

Handy spray on application in convenient pack size. CFC free.