About Us

Mosquito Repellent.com.au are Australia's specialists in mosquito repellent products and treatment solutions. We supply a range of different products that help to repel mosquitoes and other biting insects including traditional skin applied repellents like gels, sprays, roll on and aerosols to innovative mosquito bands and patches, mosquito wipes, sandalwood sticks and personal repellent devices.

In addition we also supply an extensive range of mosquito control products to assist in the reduction of mosquito numbers. These include bug zappers, sophisticated mosquito traps, insecticides and automatic pyrethrum dispensers.

We have compiled an extensive range of the premium mosquito repellent brands and control products available on the market. Our range includes iconic Australian insect repellent brands such as Bushman, Aerogard, Rid and New Mountain Sandalwood along with other well known brands in the mosquito control industry such as Pestrol, Enforcer, Equip Health Systems, Mozzigear, Thermacell and more....

Our warehouse is located in Sydney and we distribute nationwide through a network of courier companies and Australia Post.

We provide full technical support from our professionally trained staff.  Email or phone us and our friendly team will offer you the best recommendations for your mosquito repellent or control needs to fit everyone's budget.

To order our products, use our secure Online Store or call us on 1300 667 664. Our website is secure and with credit card transactions, your information is secure.

Don't hesitate, call us today and start controlling that annoying mosquito problem.