Mosquito zappers, commonly known as mozzie zappers or bug zappers, are devices which attract mosquitoes and other flying insects with ultraviolet light. Inside the bug zapper is an electrical grid which electrocutes the mosquito upon contact. The mosquitoes then fall into a catch tray in the base of the device.

Mosquito traps are similar to zappers in that they attract flying insects with UV light but instead of being 'zapped' on an electrical grid, the insect is sucked into the trap by a fan and deposited into a holding cage in the base of the unit. Mosquito traps are an effective, non-chemical method of reducing the breeding population of mosquitoes in an area. Our range of mosquito traps are environmentally friendly, insecticide-free, harmless to humans and pets and contain no pollutants. They can be run as needed or continuously for best results. 

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