Some mosquito bands or bracelets are infused with botanical products such as citronella or peppermint oil and give off a vapour to repel mosquitoes. They are comfortable and easy to wear and last for up to 48 hours, after which they can be discarded and replaced with a new one. These mosquito bands are a good alternative to applying insect repellent sprays and lotions all over the skin.

Para'Kito mosquito bands are a little bit different. These bands are refillable and reusable. The band itself is made from a neoprene material and the repellent comes in the form of a pellet which is inserted into a mesh pocket on the outside of the band. This means there is no direct skin contact with the repellent. Each pellet lasts for up to 15 days before needing to be replaced. Refills are available.

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